Francesca Bianchi

When Italian born Francesca Bianchi graduated in Florence after studying History of Art, her passion for perfume began. Having an interest in alchemy, essential oils and natural perfumery she realised after some time that they were all connected.

Her creations take time and are complex. The finest quality ingredients are used and are crucial to the fragrance's identity. To devise a forumla, she leads a hermatic existance as if like an alchemist and takes care to produce each concentration, filtering and filling each perfume, all by hand. Her technique is to conjure up a feeling, an emotion with a sensorial meaning, that will tilt the mind towards a memory or circumstance.

Her fragrances are purposely produced as 'extraits'. An extrait de parfum is made with a higher proportion of oils to alcohol. In other words, it is much more concentrated than eau de cologne, eau de toilette and eau de parfum, where an extrait can have betweed 20-25% concentration of oils compared to 15-20% in eau de parfum.