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Featuring hotelier GILLIAN GRIFFITH. An inspiring local and Pure Source regular on her five top green beauty picks

By Kim Sivyer on 05 Jun, 2018

Gillian Griffith is a busy, hard-working Barbadian, and is the deputy General Manager of one of the most popular hotels on the West Coast of Barbados, The Club Barbados Resort and Spa.  Having spent her childhood and some of her adult life overseas in Toronto, she decided to move to Barbados because she loved the sense of its community and healthier, out-of-doors environment, she says “I had never actually lived on Barbados, yet with Barbadian heritage I felt I was naturally drawn to it”.  Gillian has great skin that reflects her personality which is sunny, as well as unruffled and highly professional - essential traits needed for the hospitality industry.  Having to be constantly presentable she understands the importance of keeping her skin healthy, which has led her to pursue the benefits of green beauty, an area she has come to love. 

Her top five favourites from the Pure Source store are:

REN Evercalm Cleansing Gel – After years of trying to control my oily skin I realised I was treating my skin too aggressively. This cleanser is gentle and leaves skin refreshed without any drying effects.

Tade Pays Du Levant Rose Beauty Water – This is a lovely toner after cleansing. I use it prior to moisturizing my face. The soft rose fragrance is a nice mid-day pick me up, great for refreshing your make up and your spirit. I keep a small spray bottle with rose water in my desk at work.

Jao Seed Face Oil – This is my day and evening moisturizer. I was always weary of moisturizers because my skin was oily but the addition of face oil to my daily routine has made a remarkable difference. The Jao Seed Face Oil is light in texture and gives my face a nice glow especially under makeup.

Erbaviva Relax Body Oil – This is my every day body moisturizer. It sinks into my skin and gives my skin a nice sheen without feeling too oily, even on hot Caribbean days. Your skin is your largest organ and what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. Erbaviva is 100% natural and majority organic. 

Kai Rose Perfume Oil Roll-On – I have been a fan of the original Kai fragrance for at least ten years. However Kai Rose Perfume Oil has now become my everyday fragrance. It is a subtle floral that is feminine and pretty. The roll-on is perfect for touch-ups on the go.