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Are you using a MARINE FRIENDLY sunscreen?

We salute Hawaii for taking the stand against harmful and toxic chemicals in sunscreens.

By Kim Sivyer on 06 Jun, 2018

BRAVO to HAWAII, who has taken the progressive move to ban the use of certain chemical sun filters from sunscreens.   Their move is based on researched* which found that the chemical ingredients OXYBENZONE and OCTINOXATE evident in most commercial sunscreens are causing damage to the delicate eco-system around the Hawaiian islands, bleaching the coral and causing hormonal and genetic change in the coral and marine life. Worryingly, the research also found that these ingredients accutely affect the reproductive organs of sea urchins, parrot fish and other mammals and the neurological behaviour in fish and sea turtles.

Cynics would say and excuse the pun, that the ban is just a 'drop in the  ocean' when it comes to polluting the seas, but what most do not realise, is that the Oxybenzone and Octinoxate ingredients in particular 'change' the marine life and its ability to reproduce.  So as the marine life is being depleted by pollution, plastic and other horrors that their delicate eco-system is having to face, they are not even ABLE to reproduce correctly and sustain their numbers to survive this harmful impact.

We all know we should re-apply our sunscreen after swimming in the sea.  The reason for this is that up to 59% of sunscreen will be washed off in seawater, despite claims of being waterproof.  This also means that up to 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen lotion ends up in the sea and on coral reefs each year**.  A staggering amount.  Using a REEF/MARINE SAFE sunscreen will mean that the sunscreen lotion that washes off into the sea has ingredients that are BIO-DEGRADABLE and work with nature rather than against it, ingredients that are not only friendly towards wildlife and the environment, but also so much better for the health of your own skin.  Providing just the same amount of protection if not more, from naturally active filters such as zinc, titanium dioxide and even cinnamon. 

Hawaii has made the first move.  Florida, the Virgin Islands and Mexico have started to consider a move to protect their marine parks from banning these ingredients.  Barbados??

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*A study in 2015, published by the journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

**The Guardian Newspaper